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Pennsylvania mandates that municipalities with a population over 5,000 must provide curbside recycling to their residents.  Huntingdon County has one mandatory curbside recycling program and ten voluntary programs. Huntingdon Borough is the only municipality in Huntingdon County that meets this criteria.

There are over 866 curbside programs in Pennsylvania, second only to New York State with 1,472.  Participation rate by residents in the curbside programs is high because the recyclables are collected at the curb rather than the consumer driving the materials to a drop-off facility.  Curbside recycling produces a very clean marketable product, because it avoids contamination with non-recyclable materials by using trained collection staff.

Huntingdon Borough is the only community within Huntingdon County mandated to provide curbside collection.  Huntingdon Borough's curbside recycling program was established in 1991.  The Borough contracts with JJ Recycling of Huntingdon for collection and marketing of recycled materials.
Residents are asked to sort their materials into separate bags and place them in the green plastic recycling bin provided by the Borough.  The pick-up for recyclables is every other week.  New residents are asked to contact the Borough to obtain a collection container.   

Items collected by Huntingdon Borough      

  • Tin Cans
  • Magazines
  • Clear Glass
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Newspaper
  • Plastics (PET milk jugs & soda bottles)
  • recyclable materials 

Questions and Statistics

Curbside Recycling Tonnages

Graph of Recycling Tonnages

Questions Regarding Curbside Recycling Program

The Huntingdon Borough Office at (814) 643-3966 or (814) 643-6950 J.J. Recycling.

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