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Most people regularly use products that are considered hazardous if not disposed of properly.  These materials need to be used properly, stored properly and disposed of properly.

The best practice for hazardous waste is to purchase only what is needed and to use the product for its use until the container is empty.

Keep the material in the original container. When is material is left over; the product may be disposed of with your regular trash.

Watch for special household hazardous waste collection days.  In October 1999 Huntingdon County joined with Waste Systems International, Inc. landfill operator), and the Huntingdon County Fair Board to sponsor the first local collection of household hazardous waste. Approximately 64 persons brought material to be recycled or properly disposed.

For further information concerning hazardous materials please call the

  • Huntingdon County Extension office at (814) 643-1660 or the
  • Huntingdon County Department of Emergency Management at (814) 643-6613. 
  • If you have questions about industrial hazardous waste call the PA Department of Environmental Protection at (717) 327-3636.

Hazardous Waste Information


causes health problems for humans or wildlife. Example: pesticides, insecticides.


catches fire easily.

Example: gasoline, paint thinner


eats away at other materials. 

Example: strong acids or gases, and drain cleaners.


reacts violently with other chemicals or even air, water, shock or friction. Example: pool chemicals, chlorine bleach.