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Recycling Links

General Recycling Information

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania

U.S. Environmental/Recycling Hotline- information by geographic location

Northeast Recycling Council

America Recycles Day - November 15

Use It Again PA

Cambria County Solid Waste Authority

Centre County Solid Waste Authority

African American Environmentalist Association


Source Reduction

Use Less Stuff Report-a newsletter that helps people reduce waste

Environmental Defense Fund- A Waste Prevention Shopping Guide

Waste Prevention World


Reduce Junk Mail

Do it Yourself - Stop Junk Mail (also e-mail and
phone calls)


Fun Stuff

Welcome to Recycle City - Games, Activities, Graphics, and Facts


Recycling Arts and Crafts

The Imagination Factory - "creative ways to recycle by making art"

Turn your holiday cards into gift boxes


Recyclable Materials

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Council-locations to recycle your spent rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium batteries

Steel Recycling Institute

The Glass Packaging Institute-includes lots of information on glass recycling

National Association for Plastic Container Recovery-recycling of #1 PET bottles

American Forest and Paper Association-information on recycling paper

Unbuild/Rebuild-information on deconstruction, architectural salvage and the use of reclaimed building materials.

Bubble Wrap or Rolled Foam


Worm World -  see Worms as Recyclers

Worm World (II)-PA's source for worms & compost info

Home Composting

The Compost Resource Page


Commercial Recycling

Waste Wise -free, voluntary, EPA program to eliminate municipal solid waste

Eco Purchasing - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... through Procurement


Buy Recycled

Check out the PA Department of Environmental Protection Buy Recycled page.

New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection Buy Recycled page has links to many sites that sell
recycled content products.

Everything and anything you wanted to know about buying recycled will be found on this site.

California's Intergrated Waste Management Board's website has a rather thorough online Recycled Content
Products Guide.