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Littering and Roadside Dumping

Above:  National Public Lands Day 1999 at Raystown Lake.  Volunteers plant some of the hundreds of trees donated by Keep Huntingdon County Beautiful, via the National Tree Trust. 

Support Keep Huntingdon County Beautiful   
Working for Cleaner Ways in Huntingdon County

Membership Form (print and send)
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____Individual $5
____Family $15
____Organization $25
____Business $25 

Mail your check or money order to: Keep Huntingdon County Beautiful, Attn:  Selina,  c/o Huntingdon County Conservation District, 10605 Raystown Road, Suite A, Huntingdon, PA  16652.  Phone:  814-627-1627

Myths and Facts About Litter  

Myth:  Litter Control is not important.
Fact:  Litter may not be the most dramatic or exciting of the many problems that threaten the quality of our environment, but it is a problem which affects everyone in the community.

Myth:  Only certain types of people litter.
Fact:  Litterbugs can be found among people of every age, sex, race and geographic location, at every level of society and in all 50 states.

Myth:  No one notices litter.
Fact:  Litter destroys the beauty of a community.  Tourism is an important part of Pennsylvania's economy.  People come from all over the world to see the beauty of our countryside, towns and cities.  When litter mars their enjoyment, Pennsylvania loses valuable tourist dollars.

Myth:  Litter doesn't hurt anyone.
Fact:  Litter is a safety hazard.  Litter is a breeding ground for rats and disease causing bacteria.   
Fact:  Litter impacts car insurance rates because hundreds of thousands of auto accidents are litter-related.
Fact:  Ingesting litter causes injury or death to thousands of pets, wildlife and farm animals.

Myth:  Litter doesn't affect the economy.
Fact:  Litter discourages economic development because it impacts real estate values.  Stores and businesses will not locate in a community which lacks the pride to effectively control litter.

For more info contact
Lou Ann Shontz
Huntingdon County Recycling Coordinator
233 Penn Street
Huntingdon, PA 16652
(814) 643-3091 ext. 206