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Inmate Property

An inmate is permitted to bring the following items when committed to the Huntingdon County Prison

  • 1 pair shoes (athletic or casual, no steel toe shoes or boots)

  • 6 pair WHITE under shorts

  • 6 pair WHITE socks

  • 6 pair WHITE under shirts

  • dentures

  • prescription glasses/contact lens

  • 1 wedding band (no stones or jewels)*

  • 1 religious medal with chain no larger than a fifty cent piece (no stones or jewels)*

  • medical alert bracelet

  • 1 Bible/Koran

  • 1 rosary/prayer beads

  • 1 kufee/yarmulke

  • 1 prayer rug

  • personal photographs (limit 10)

  • personal letters (limit 10)

  • legal material (reasonable amount of approximately 4 inches)

* Must be in possession on commitment. Jewelry is not permitted to be sent to you.

** These items may only be worn inside your cell or approved sites.

Work release inmates will be permitted to have three (5) pair of pants and three (5) shirts to wear out of the prison on work release. Work release clothing will be accepted once work release has been approved and the Huntingdon County Prison has received all signed copies of the Work Release Agreement.